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Community engagement key factor for success at healthcare IT delivery project in Alberta

Having First Nations community play a leading role in reducing assessment wait times led to an optimum solution and improved data gathering

IBM Canada points finger at Conservatives over Phoenix payroll training: CBC

Spokesperson says responsibility for training -- at the heart of the problem with the new payroll system -- was taken over by the former Conservative government two years ago

ThoughtWorks adds dependency management to Mingle for fast scaling of agile development

Development teams don't need to abandon their preferred work styles, but all stakeholders can have a complete view of a project and the impact of any change

Ontario government, IBM smacked for bungled software project

IBM Corp. and Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services have been stung by the province's auditor general for the bungled software system launch – a scenario that will cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for software fixes and overpayments to recipients.

SIDEBAR: Ontario effort among the worst a project manager has ever seen

Hard to understand how executive committee could allow new case management system to go ahead, says expert

Why IT shouldn’t be the ‘orphan step-child’ of project management

When IT projects don't meet everyone's expectations, there can be hell to pay. What makes a good project manager, and how can IT service management help to inject new life into IT project management?

Canadian project management software firm gets into cloud

Changepoint's acquisition of Daptiv gives it a SaaS option the company lacked

CIOs should apply this illustrator’s old but brilliant blog post on reshaping work environments

It was first published in 2011, but Frank Chimero's thoughts on minimalism vs 'maximalism' could be used to think about IT investments as much as it works for office furniture

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Top 11 reasons your IT project could crash and burn

IT management regularly encounters projects with problematic prospects that are not progressing as expected. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons for failure, with questions that may help you save projects.