FTC charges Twitter with using account security data to sell targeted ads

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is acting against Twitter for deceptively using information gathered to ensure user account security for targeted advertising. Under...

HashtagTrending: Cannabis and machine learning; ‘Weed-dating’; and tracking consumption

It’s October 17th and unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know what that means. Recreational cannabis is now officially legal across...

Hashtag Trending – Uber/Waymo trial settled; Amazon’s new delivery service; Facebook testing downvote button

The Uber and Waymo trial ends with a settlement. Amazon goes after FedEx and UPS with its new delivery service. And Facebook is finally...

Hashtag Trending – Uber/Waymo trial begins; Elon Musk launches a Tesla Roadster into space

A high-profile trial between Uber and Google’s self-driving division Waymo begins in San Francisco. Tesla founder Elon Musk launches one of his company’s first...

Could CRTC ruling against zero-rating be a boon for ISPs and businesses?

Industry experts differ on how the CRTC's decision to toe the line on net neutrality will impact the market.

8th suspect in alleged Quebec IT contract fraud arrested by UPAC

IBM employee eluded arrest during initial raid conducted by anti-corruption squad

Netflix’s former CIO has legal woes that could bedevil his peers, too

The man who now leads IT strategy at Yahoo is embroiled in a scandal over alleged kickbacks from vendors in return for lucrative contracts

Will bribery conviction in U.S. harm HP Canada’s government business?

Crime committed halfway around the world could have dire implications for HP's business in Canada

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