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Google and Microsoft take opposite decisions on IoT services business

Last week, Google announced it would shut down its IoT Core service.

LockBit link DDoS attack to entrust

LockBit data leak websites were shut down after the gang suffered a DSoS attack that ordered them to remove data stolen from security firm Entrust.

Whistleblower accuses Twitter of lying about security gaps

Peiter Zatko, a former Twitter security chief turned whistleblower, has accused the company of misleading users and US regulators about the company’s security.

80 per cent of workers say inflation influences their career choices

80 per cent of professionals say that persistent inflation has a major impact on their career decisions.

Intel partners with Brookfield to Invest US$30 billion in chip factories in Arizona

Under a joint partnership between Intel and Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management, the two companies will invest $30 billion in chip factories in Arizona.

CISA warns of Palo Alto vulnerability exploited by hackers

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned that threat actors are actively exploiting a vulnerability that affects Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS.


Is a spy app collecting data from your phone?

Recent testimony to a Canadian federal government committee revealed that the RCMP has been using “on-device investigation tools” (ODITs), or spy apps, with judicial...

9 Must-Take Actions as Recession Fears Loom

Even as recession indicators sound the alarm, financial analysts and even central banks remain split on the likelihood of a recession. In July, Scotiabank...

Digital transformation systems and data issues (Article 2)

What systems and data issues can digital transformation resolve or reduce? This article describes multiple issues that digital transformation can attack. In the previous article,...

5G: improving network security end to end

The roll-out of 5G across the country could be considered one of the most highly anticipated technology advancements in recent memory. While many are focused on the advantages for consumers, organizations are also poised to reap the benefits.

Your organization’s security revolves around one thing: your people

Data and IT systems security are often viewed as the responsibility of the CIO. In truth, data security is the domain of everybody in the organization. Not focusing on the human side of security can put everything at risk.

Digital transformation benefits (Article 1)

A series of articles created to enhance your understanding of digital transformation.

Coffee Briefings

Coffee Briefing August 23, 2022- Shopify launches Collabs; Robert Half mobile app wins Gold...

Coffee Briefings are timely deliveries of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews, and podcasts. Today’s Coffee Briefing is delivered by IT World Canada’s editorial team! Missed last week’s Coffee...


Canadian company wins CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge 2022 High Impact Award

CleanAir.ai, a Canadian cleantech company, has won the global CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge (CSXC) 2022 "High Impact Award" for...

CTM Insights set to license deepfake image detection advances to Allure Security

Allure Security, a cybersecurity company that uses a patented artificial intelligence (AI) engine designed to provide online brand protection,...

Increase in ransomware attacks, number of variants and the attack surface itself: This Week in Ransomware as of Sunday, August 21, 2022

Number of attacks increasing VPN software provider Atlas VPN has released a report on the most significant ransomware statistics from...

Rogers provides more information to CRTC inquiry on July 8 outage

Rogers has updated its reply to the inquiries made by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) with additional information...

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Cyber Security Today, August 24, 2022 – Watch your cyber insurance coverage, threat actors abusing SaaS platforms and more

This episode reports on trends in cyber insurance, SaaS platforms used to host phishing sites, a new tool for exfiltrating data from hacked email and more

Cyber Security Today – Some CISO salaries are up, LockBit gang has troubles and crooks take advantage of poorly-secured WordPress sites

This episode reports on a survey of CISOs, LockBit ransomware gang data leak site is offline and crooks take advantage of poorly-secured WordPress sites

Hashtag Trending Aug. 24 – Oracle lawsuit; Lamborghini sells a lot of its cars; Twitch lets partners stream on YouTube and Facebook

Oracle faces a lawsuit over alleged sales of personal data, Lamborghini pre-sells its entire production run until 2024, and Twitch to let...

Hashtag Trending Aug 23 – Apple employees sign new petition against return to office; Sony faces new lawsuit; landmark U.K. AV decision

Apple employees continue to fight against mandatory return to office, Sony faces a $6 billion lawsuit, and the U.K. government decides that manufacturers are responsible for vehicles in autonomous mode.

Deeper Dive: Ready, Set, Go (Episode 5)

Following a brief refresher on classic scenario planning, hosts Jim Love, CIO of ITWC, and Doug Sparkes, a lecturer at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, riff collegially on how to avoid functional fixedness while identifying and developing scenarios.

Improving the Patient Journey – Interview with Jennifer Quaglietta

Jennifer Quaglietta has led countless initiatives that have a positive impact on the health of Canadians. As Vice President, Performance Excellence and...

The symbol Forrester uses to describe CIO-CMO relations in 2015 says it all

The analyst firm publishes an infographic that suggest improvement in the partnership between IT and marketing, but there's one gaping hole

Innovative Calgary information technology startups

Calgary’s tech innovators and entrepreneurs are leading digital transformation across the province and the world. Calgary is growing alongside Alberta into a global tech hub.

International Women’s Day: Five tech training courses that aim to break gender inequality in Canadian tech sector

women are still largely underrepresented in the tech industry. This slideshow details education and training resources to help women advance in the IT field.

International Women’s Day: Seven women who changed technology

You may find it difficult to believe in today's male-centric tech industry, but in the early days of IT, it was often the women who were the pioneers

25 crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2022 [Part 3]

Will you use any of these eight gadgets from CES 2022?


Are priorities shifting for CIOs? ITWC launches 2022 CIO Census to find out

Are Canadian CIOs still optimistic about the year ahead? The 2021 CanadianCIO Census found 79 per cent of CIOs were somewhat or very optimistic...

Securing OT from cyber attacks

By Graham Bushkes The geopolitical climate has far-reaching implications for cybersecurity. Warnings from governments, including those of the Five Eyes, indicate that situations like the...

Canadian farm and ranch retailer flying into open skies

While the easing of pandemic restrictions may have softened the business climate only slightly for many businesses, one Alberta-based retailer is preparing to scale...

Leveraging the power of interactive experiences in retail

Product imagery, done right, can drive retail sales into the stratosphere. But as many companies know, product imagery “done right” is done for less....

Hugely popular clothing brand evolving through technology

Surprised that the company behind one of the freshest and most exciting clothing brands in Canada was established way back in 1957? According to...

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